It is no secret that Jacob is the founder and creative force behind Jacob Williamson Photography (JWP). After all, the name is all over this site. However, it may not be so obvious that Jacob works day and night to build a photography brand that influences the way we perceive the world around us. He is no stranger to enduring severe weather as Jacob often spends days in one location to get the “money” shot for his final image. His unique drive to make amazing art compliments his creative vision in his quest to produce breathe taking images.

As a photographer and digital artist, Jacob is laser focused on creating inspired and bespoke bodies of work for commercial brands and advertising agencies alike. Sought after for his knowledge of light and composition, Jacob deliberately creates images that are moments along a storyline. His goal is for the viewer to see the image and understand what happened before the photograph as well as what comes next. This makes his work feel authentic and very effective for commercial use.

Jacob continues to grow as an artist. He wants the studio to provide creative content that no one has seen before. This philosophy drives his desire to continue learning new cutting edge techniques. Whether is is cinematography, parallax motion, CGI, or practical effects, Jacob is always looking for a new twist.